Isabel's background

Isabel Bakker-Schraven was born in a small village named Huissen in the east part of The Netherlands in 1939. She grew up in a large family of total 9 children.

During the 2nd world war, the family had to leave Huissen and moved temporary to “ de kop van Overijssel”. When the war ended, they returned back to their village, which was heavily damaged.

Creating art was something common in the family of Isabel. In several occasions, relatives painted portraits of Isabel.

The mother of Isabel passed away on early age. Afterwards, Isabel was send to boarding school. During this period at boarding school, she could not exercise her artistic talents, due to the fact that it caused resentment by the nuns, which where running the boarding school.

Studying at an art academy was finally not an option at that point of time. After her wedding, she had again the freedom to express her artistic talents. She started off with textile art design and 3D art, but again most frequently in painting art.

She lives and works since 1970 in a small village called Bosschenhoofd, in the south of The Netherlands.


Especially her oil based painted portraits catched the special attention of the Amsterdam Institute of Art in 1993. Due to her recognized talent, she was invited to the Master Class, which completed in 1 year.

Afterwards, a lot of exhibitions followed, based on a broad scale of painting techniques. Portraits are shown and sold in Taiwan, USA, New Zealand, Australia and many other European countries.

Special award

In 2001, she won a special art reward in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands, with the painting called: “ genetic Modified Organism”.